2016 Blizzard Recap: Grateful for warmth, shelter, and frozen pizza

Happy Monday and greetings from the other side of my first blizzard! While my 72-hour frozen pizza and Netflix fest was awesome, it feels even better to shed the pjs and get back to the grind.

As I literally dug myself out of hibernation Sunday morning, my thoughts kept returning to the region’s homeless population. Did everyone make it to a shelter? Were there enough beds? Did children have mittens and warm socks and was everyone able to get their belongings indoors?


While my hope is that the answers to these questions were a resounding yes, realistically, I know it’s not true. There are over 11,000 homeless people in D.C. alone and while there are a number of great government and nonprofit services out there, we’ve got a long way to go.

But I’m optimistic! This actually presents a great segue into a new feature on the blog. Every Monday, I will introduce a new Heartful.ly partner that is tackling some of our nation’s and world’s most pressing issues.

Today it’s my pleasure to introduce Street Sense, an organization that’s been changing the story of homelessness in Washington, D.C. since 2003.


If you’re a D.C. local, you have no doubt seen Street Sense vendors in yellow vests selling newspapers that elevate the stories and issues of homelessness and poverty. Street Sense is the only newspaper produced by and for the people they serve–the homeless and impoverished in our nation’s capital.

At Street Sense we define ourselves through our work, talents and character, not through our housing situation.

Street Sense offers economic opportunities to people experiencing homelessness through media that elevates voices and encourages debate on poverty and injustice. Their innovative approach harnesses the talents, aspirations and hard work of men and women who are homeless.

Engaged? Love Street Sense? Create a registry and support D.C.’s homeless make media and move towards housing!


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