5 Offbeat Wedding Destinations (Part 1 of 2)

There are many ways to use your wedding to give back. Whether you only buy fair-trade products and foods or create a charitable wedding registry to donate to causes you care about, the option to make a difference is always on the table if you’re willing to think outside the box.

For instance, when planning a destination wedding, consider investing in a less conventional location. There are a lot of hidden gems in the world of wedding tourism, and many of these offbeat places would benefit more from hosting your celebration than Paris (no offense, France). The fact is that weddings bring in a lot of business for local merchants and vendors, so traveling with your spouse-to-be (along with your family and friends) to an alternative city or town can not only be an experience of a lifetime but also really make a difference in that community.

So, in honor of #WeddingWednesday, we’ve compiled a list of 5 offbeat wedding destinations. Below are the first two on our list. Keep an eye out for the other three next week!



Belize is a beautiful Central American country that is known for its beaches and ecotourism. Ecotourism gives you the opportunity to explore nature at its purest. If want to have a beach wedding looking out to the crystalline waters of the Caribbean sea and then immerse yourself in the freshness of the country’s rainforest by spending the night in a treehouse, you can in Belize! Organized tours throughout the Mesoamerican country take you to mysterious caves, Mayan ruins, and on underwater adventures, as well.


If you’re still not sold, consider that Chaa Creek Lodge, the “Top Belize Resort” according the the Belize Tourism Board and the “Best Eco Resort & Hotel” according to Caribbean Travel & Life, donates 10% of accommodation payments to projects within the Belize community that are actively promoting environmental sustainability and social responsibility. Now that’s what I call a good deal.



Bangladesh is not as popular as some of its neighbors, which include India and Thailand, but it definitely has just as much to offer. If you truly want to get off the tourist path and immerse yourself in a sea of humanity, you should definitely consider having your destination wedding in this South Asian country. The country actually offers more diversity in sights and experiences than most first expect, from UNESCO pre-Moghul mosques and cycling through tea estates to tracking tigers in mangrove forests and visiting ethnic minority areas. But what really makes visiting Bangladesh such a unique experience is its people, who are warm and welcoming and unapologetically genuine.

If you’re considering celebrating your big day in Bangladesh, check out the official tourism website to learn more!


Stay tuned for part 2…


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