5 Offbeat Wedding Destinations (Part 2 of 2)

Happy Hump-Day lovely people! Here’s part two of our 5 offbeat wedding destinations list. You can read part one here. Enjoy!



Home to a very diverse landscape of different ecosystems and unique geological formations, Kenya has been systematically raising its international tourism profile over the past ten years. Yet, even today very few people consider this East African country when planning their destination wedding.

By far, the largest tourism draw in the country is through the many safari companies that operate within its borders. What’s really amazing is that these safari companies often work in concert with local oversight, and an above-average amount of profits is shared between companies and locals!

sun n sand beach resort kenya

If you’re not feeling khaki cargo shorts and prefer a beach wedding, consider staying in hotels like the Severin Sea Lodge or the Sun ‘n’ Sand Beach Resort. The former was the first hotel in Kenya to hire an environmental officer on its full-time staff and to have a biological purification plant to prevent depositing waste water into the ocean.The latter, together with Microsoft and the Ministry of Education, has sponsored programs that bring computers and Internet access to Kikambala primary schools in Kilifi district.

You can find more information about sustainable tourism in Kenya on Ecotourism Kenya’s website.


Looking for something other than beaches? Have your wedding in the beautiful country of Georgia! From its green valleys spread with vineyards to its old churches and watchtowers perched in fantastic mountain scenery, this Central Asian nation is one of the most beautiful countries on earth and a marvelous canvas for a special celebration.

Beautiful panoramic view of Tbilisi at sunset, Georgia country

Aside from all the history and remarkable landscapes, the Republic of Georgia’s real charm comes from its people. Hospitable and genial in nature, Georgians are the main reason why this small Eurasian country should be on your radar when planning your destination wedding. Add to this breathtaking mountain ranges, a culturally and architecturally eclectic capital city, and incredible food, and you’ve got yourself an adventure that neither you nor your guests will soon forget!

You can learn more about planning a trip to Georgia by going on to its National Tourism Administration’s website.



Now, if you want a destination wedding but prefer not to travel halfway across the world, consider taking your celebration to Maine. While most might prefer to book a fancy hotel wedding in NYC or get married on a boat off the coast of the Miami Keys, you can share your vows with your partner on a beautiful and historic bridge amid a lush green forest and the soft sounds of nearby brooks. Or you could even say “I do” in a 19th-century barn in the Sunday River Valley. Gotta love a rustic wedding!

As for food, Maine is best-known (and loved!) for its lobster and seafood, so you can locally source a delicious de mer reception dinner without breaking the bank. Craving something sweet? Maine is also known for its wonderful wild blueberries. In fact, if you celebrate your big day in August, you could even join in on the Machias Wild Blueberry Festival!


Learn more about Maine’s tourist attractions by going on to the state’s Office of Tourism website.


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