Love to Langa: Helping Children Reach their Potential

It’s officially summer and I’ve got two words for ya: Beach. Reads. (Not what you were expecting, huh?)

There are sooo many great light reads out this summer — from Anna Quindlen’s family-centered saga, Miller’s Valley, to Rebecca Makkai’s eclectic short stories on finding beauty in the darkest of times, Music for Wartime.

I, myself, am excited to read Antonia Hayes Relativity, a compassionate tale about a 12-year-old physics genius (Ethan) and the unfortunate turn of events that both broke and, ironically, reunited his family.

Even though I have yet to read the novel, the plot immediately caught my attention, mostly because it speaks to an undeniable truth: children are full of potential.

Unfortunately, not every child has the opportunities that Ethan has in the novel: the support of a parent, access to books and other materials to help them develop, or a safe place to explore their interests.

That’s why the work of organizations like Love to Langa is so important.

What’s the story?

LoveToLanga1Love to Langa is a U.S.-based nonprofit that works with townships in rural South Africa to empower children to learn and discover their full potential. Founded in 2010, Love to Langa is completely volunteer run, so 100% of their donated funds go towards programs in the outskirts of Cape Town.

The organization has funded many initiatives including scholarship, teacher training programs, enrichment and field trips, and sport programs. In particular, Love to Langa’s support of the Philippi Children’s Centre has provided countless educational and recreational opportunities for children in the area.

Philippi Children’s Centre


This Early Childhood Development Centre (ECDC) serves disadvantaged children between two months and six years old from the Philippi farming community and from the nearby townships of Brown’s Farm, Heinz Park and Samora Machel. Teachers and assistants engage the children in three languages, English, Afrikaans and Xhosa. The Centre also provides transport and meals, and is taking great care to involve parents and the wider community in the running of the school.

Many corporate and individual donors and volunteers have helped to extend some of the buildings and to break down the old, dilapidated prefabricated part of the facility. Since, 2010 the capacity of the ECDC was increased from 200 to 280 children. Love to Langa donations by themselves paid for a new library and a classroom.


Love to Langa is now focused on finishing a new swimming facility to provide life-saving swimming lessons to the students and raising funds to provide scholarships to children who would not otherwise be able to afford to go to school.

How to get involved

You can learn more about Love to Langa’s amazing initiatives here. If you want to support the Philippe Children’s Center or another one of the organization’s projects, consider making a donation here.

Planning your wedding? Create a charitable wedding registry and use your big day to support Love to Langa.


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