love.fútbol: Improving lives through soccer

Soccer is a game that can be played almost anywhere. A door, a street curb or a tree trunk can easily serve as a goal. Any piece of land, no matter how small or irregular, can serve as a venue. Balled up newspaper, old socks, weaved sticks and tire parts can all serve as makeshift soccer balls. A young soccer afficionado’s ingenuity knows no limits when it comes to finding ways to play the game.

Despite soccer’s great simplicity on the grassroots level, millions of children have to endanger themselves every day to play the game they love. They chase the ball barefoot in trash dumps, on narrow highway medians, and in busy streets between cars. They retrieve balls from sewers and walk long distances through dangerous neighborhoods to find their spot to play.

Love.fútbol believes that no kid should risk their well-being to pursue their passion for soccer, so they work hard to create safe space for these children to play.


What’s the sitch?

Love.fútbol partners with and empowers underserved communities to plan, build and manage soccer fields for youth without safe places to play the sport. It creates community soccer fields that act as catalysts for sustainable social change. With the help of its partners, love.fútbol builds low-resource, high-impact fields that encourage informal and creative soccer, act as hubs for social programs and social enterprise, and provide authentic, highly-visible touchpoints for brands.

A love.fútbol field is a safe and dependable outlet for youth to play and fuel their passion for the game. For these kids, a safe place to play is often the only escape from gangs, violence, and drugs.


The impact

A love.fútbol project inspires local leaders and creates momentum that can be channeled toward new endeavors and collaborations. Love.fútbol partners with organizations that use the power of soccer to engage youth from disadvantaged communities to address critical social issues such as poverty, disease, lack of education, gender inequality and much more.

The organization empowers and trains communities to plan, build and operate their own soccer fields. Love.fútbol provides guidance, procures raw materials and mobilizes local resources while putting ownership of the project process into the hands of the community. The organization believes that communities are the greatest drivers of their own development and the biggest stakeholders in the project’s long-term success. A completed love.fútbol field is more than a place to play – it is a lasting and tangible symbol of community strength and unity.


Since 2006, local community leaders have dedicated an average of 2,000 hours of volunteer time and effort per project benefitting over 16,000 young people in Guatemala and Brazil.

Currently, love.fútbol’s main beneficiaries are impoverished communities in Central and South America. The team is feverishly working expand to other parts of the globe. This year, love.fútbol hopes to launch their first projects in the U.S.

How to get involved

You can support love.fútbol’s amazing work by making a monetary donation here. Alternatively, if you happen to be getting married in the nearish future, you can create a charitable wedding registry that contributes to building a love.fútbol soccer field.



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