Grow Your Greens and Eat Them Too!


img_0723_1-1When I learned that 16 percent of New Yorkers are food insecure and undernourished, my jaw dropped. Even in major metropolitan areas, there is limited access to affordable and healthy food. Lack of healthy food resources can lead to obesity and lifelong health complications, both of which are avoidable if cost effective, healthy food options are presented. In neighborhoods like Bed-Stuy, only 1 in 5 food stores sell fresh greens. Introducing fresh produce into these neighborhoods can shift health trajectories drastically.

Students for Service aims to change the startling statistics surrounding access to fresh and healthy food through urban farming initiative in schools of food insecure communities. The classroom greenhouse yields over 3,000 heads of leafy greens and vine crops yearly, which are distributed throughout the school community. In doing so, students learn hands-on life-science and their families are exposed to ongoing community outreach that empowers them to maintain healthy eating habits in the long-term.

Learn more about the incredible organization here.

Engaged? Create a registry and feed the future of America!




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